August 04, 2014

Fulfilling Millennials Craving for Personal Branding

As Millennials (Gen Y) more and more becomes the dominant generation, personal branding would be elevated into a whole new height. It would not be just for the use of public figures, or aspiring public figures, neither for people wanting to get a job. Personal branding would be some sort of basic need which brands should accommodate for the common Millennials. A generation that many have called wanting to be the center of attention, glorify being under the lime light, or the main star in the “hit show” that is his/her personal life.

In the last 5 years, we at LM Brand Strategist have done and encountered many requests to engage in personal branding projects for various public figures in various sectors. The main ingredient is quite simple that is being genuine or being yourself. An ingredient that most brand consultants we believe would agree. In a more practical level, that ingredient of being genuine can be divided into three areas. First, one’s track record. Second, one’s idea or vision. Third, one’s personalities. Also in a technical level, how would those three areas can be conveyed through the way one talk, act, dress, etc? All being combined and communicated to achieve that desired positioning in the minds of target audience (yes even personal branding need target audience) of “A specific topic = A Person”. For example ask yourself who does the term “Consultant” remind you of? Or the term “Mechanic”? The name of the person that pops out in your head when hearing those terms mean that person, intentional or not, has done a pretty good personal branding with you as the target audience.